January Challenge: Day 9-13

Day 9: Wonderful yoga class with tons of stretching (my favorite!). My hips feel more open than they have in months, and this particular instructor focuses a ton on alignment. The way she adjusts is reminiscent of my former Alexander instructor. 

For dinner is stir-fried rice with tofu and broccoli mushroom egg rolls. Yum!

Day 10: Having are really difficult time getting going despite my smoothie AND coffee. Lunchtime yoga is WAY HARDCORE. My arm muscles are screaming and I fear I’ve over-stretched my right shoulder. Will be taking it easy over the next week. If dance has taught me anything, it’s to listen to your body. It knows best. Push it and you’ll be out twice if not three times as long.

Mushroom swiss veggie burger at my formerly favorite cheeseburger joint. I actually LOVE veggie burgers. They aren’t cheeseburgers, but if you’re enjoying them for what they are, they’re… well…. enjoyable. :)

Day 11: Getting better at smoothie-making. Regardless, my energy is zapped by 3:30 (which is quite unfortunately for the kids). After a Luna bar and Emergen-C, I manage to get through all of my ballet classes and make it to Beginners yoga class. Somehow this class always leaves me most sore. Perhaps it’s because this class moves more slowly ensuring that the newbies don’t feel intimidated and poses are done correctly. I wonder if she realizes this isn’t a core class!

Too worn out to cook so I order a vegetarian pizza with the BFF. There’s aren’t many things better in life than doughy awesomeness topped with mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, basil, garlic, and black olives. 

Day 12: Sleeeeeeeeeepppppppyyyyyyy. Can’t snap out of it. It takes everything I’ve got to keep my energy up to teach. Skip yoga class and opt for meditation and leftover stir fry. Feels like a lost day. 

Day 13: Start today with a few breathing exercises and cat &and cow stretches in a weak attempt to energize. I’m tired of being progressively more exhausted everyday. Effective immediately, I’m adding seafood back to my diet. Hello protein and iron! Pescatarian yay!